Flexiv Set to Unveil New Products During Their Upcoming Flexiverse: 2023 Event

SAN JOSE, CA, January 29th, 2023- Flexiv, a world leader in general-purpose robotics solutions, announced its inaugural Flexiverse event today.

Occurring on January 31st at 10 am PST, the live presentation will see the founding members of Flexiv and various department managers take to the stage to showcase Flexiv's latest product releases, and the progress Flexiv has made over the past year.

Scheduled to last just over an hour, Flexiverse:2023 will pay particular attention to the technology behind Flexiv's innovative products, the evolution of the current product range, and the part Flexiv will take in shaping the future of automation.

Broadcast live to the world via YouTube, viewers and attendees will be the first to see three new automation solutions Flexiv class as being 'revolutionary'.

Although information regarding the three new products is limited, it is understood that one is an entirely new adaptive robot, and another features the innovative Gecko Grip material.

"This is one of the most important events on the calendar for Flexiv", said Yunfan Gao, Flexiv's Marketing Director. "It's where we can show the world what we have been working on and give them a glimpse of what an automated future will look like. There is a buzz around the company as we have tried to keep the new products as secret as possible."

To watch Flexiverse:2023 live, head to the Flexiv YouTube channel ( at 10 am PST or contact a member of the Flexiv team to learn more.