The advancements in adaptive robots have enabled the automation of numerous complex tasks. Flexiv has been consistently exploring new fields such as healthcare, agriculture, and services to unleash the full potential of adaptive robots, opening up more possibilities for partners and end-users.

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Applications for healthcare

Able to precisely and safely mimic the professional techniques of medical practitioners, an adaptive robot can efficiently complete repetitive and time-consuming tasks and is ideal for medical scenarios. This enables medical staff to concentrate on the well-being of their patients while reducing their overall workload.

  • Safety: the CE&ETL-certified adaptive robot perfectly meets the safety standards of human-machine interaction.
  • Accuracy: fusing high-precision force control and AI-enabled vision, the adaptive robot medical solution can make reliable manipulations according to specific needs.
  • Scalability: compatible with diverse tools and the AI system, the adaptive robot can be fused at different workstations under medical circumstances.
Applications for healthcare
Applications for agriculture

Applications for agriculture

Based on its force control and AI capabilities, the adaptive robot can adapt to uncertain agricultural product categories and growth environments, making it capable of automating complex tasks such as vegetable picking and food processing. An adaptive robot can replicate the hand-eye coordination and logical thought processes of a human worker.

  • Human-like manipulation: an adaptive robot can deliver tasks in a human way, which brings possibilities for automating complex tasks.
  • Consistency: adaptive robots can perform sustainable and stable operations with a cycle time equivalent to skilled workers and ensure high production yield.
  • Flexibility: adaptive robot-based agricultural automation solutions are versatile enough to meet changing market needs with a low cost of production line changeover.

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