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Mark Cutkosky

Flexiv is a company pushing the boundaries of robotics research. From the hardware and software perspective, they’re a leading light in artificial intelligence and control.

Flexiv has a very efficient team. When working with 3M to provide customers with fast testing and advanced polishing solutions, it quickly takes action and achieves good results.

Erin Chen

We believe the partnership between GaiTech Shanghai and Flexiv will bring new cutting-edge products and lab solutions to universities, institutions, teachers and students.

Zongjie Zhao

Based on flexible adaptive robot technology, we complete the needs of small batch and various units through mold design, innovation process reengineering and lean driving.

Jacob Sandelin

Flexiv is in the forefront of integrated force control technology. Together, our two companies are excited to offer fully automated sanding solutions in the automotive and 3C field.

Hedy Foo

Using Flexiv's adaptive robots, we can provide our customers with an innovative production capacity that serves every part of the farming process.