Flexiv Elements Earns Esteemed 2023 UX Design Awards Nomination

SAN JOSE, CA, July 28th, 2023 - Flexiv, a global leader in general-purpose robotics solutions, is proud to reveal that the latest version of Flexiv Elements has been selected to compete in the 2023 UX Design Awards.


Nominated due to its ease of use, powerful feature set, and clean interface design language Flexiv Elements sets a new standard in robot programming systems.


As a state-of-the-art graphically based robot programming interface, Elements enables users to control every aspect of their robot. Featuring simple drag-and-drop operations and prebuilt functions, Elements empowers beginners and experts to create complex robotic tasks easily.


From simple point-to-point motions to advanced surface finishing applications, Elements makes programming a breeze.


Organized by the International Design Center Berlin, the UX Design Awards is a global competition celebrating great experiences and accomplished solutions – across all fields and industries worldwide. 


The UX Design Award team stated that:“Design is about improving people’s lives. We believe that good people-centered design can deliver on this promise because it is informed by the aims, wishes, and emotions of real people. The UX Design Awards reflect this by honoring products, services, and concepts that provide better outcomes and meaningful solutions for real needs – effectively creating positive change.”


Flexiv shares this commitment to people-centered design, both in hardware and software. Flexiv’s Lead Solutions Designer Xuesen Li, said:


“People-centered design is paramount to Flexiv, as it empowers an end-user to have a better, more organic experience. We make robots and robotic software, but our people-centered design grounds every one of our offerings with a touch of humanity that is instantly recognizable. From our human-inspired Rizon arms to our user interfaces which form the crossroads between technology and humanity, a creation without people-centered design is merely a product; a creation with it is a solution.”


If you believe in the importance of good design, we would like your support in helping Flexiv Elements win the recognition it deserves. A critical part of the competition is the Public Choice Award, where the public can cast their votes for their favorite nominee.


To vote, please visit: and scroll down to the “VOTE FOR THIS PROJECT” button.


By voting for Flexiv Elements, you will be supporting a system that was shaped by members of the public and created by a team that truly values people-centered design.


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