Flexiv Robotics and EsVata Shutters Slash Sanding Times by 80%

SAN JOSE, CA, April 1st, 2024 - Flexiv, a global leader in general-purpose robotics solutions, is pleased to announce its successful collaboration with EsVata, a leading manufacturer of window shutters, in ushering in a new era of sanding efficiency.
Deployed to EsVata’s California-based factory, Flexiv’s Rizon 4 adaptive robot has set new benchmarks for automated precision and efficiency in the previously labor-intensive material abrasion processes.
EsVata chose to integrate the Rizon 4 into their production line specifically to automate the time-consuming task of sanding window shutters. Previously accomplished by skilled manual labor, Flexiv’s adaptive technology has sped up the sanding process by 80%, while simultaneously increasing the quality and consistency of the shutter's surface finishing.
Paul Hsieh, EsVata Founder and Gavin Bomhoff, Flexiv Application Engineer
Paul Hsieh, Founder of EsVata, emphasized the strategic decision to adopt the Rizon 4, stating: 
"Our commitment to quality led us to select the Rizon 4 from a sea of competitors. Its exceptional precision, powered by advanced force sensors in each of its seven joints, made it the ideal solution for our sanding needs."
The installation of the Rizon 4 has not only transformed EsVata's production process by reducing sanding times and cutting material costs through the more efficient use of sanding discs, but it has also positively impacted the workforce.
Employees are now freed from monotonous, labor-intensive sanding tasks, enabling them to engage in more valuable, fulfilling roles within the company.
This strategic reallocation of human resources underscores EsVata’s commitment to enhancing employee satisfaction and highlights that the role of robotics is to enhance the impact of human labor rather than replace it.
To guarantee a smooth transition to the new production process, Flexiv’s engineers worked in close partnership with the EsVata team to ensure a seamless deployment and commissioning process.
Integral to the project was the OnRobot Sander, which was attached to Rizon's universal mounting flange, along with the custom, user-friendly interface developed by Flexiv for EsVata. This setup enables EsVata to make on-the-fly modifications to the sanding program or to quickly and easily create entirely new sanding tasks.
Gavin Bomhoff, Flexiv's on-site application engineer, emphasized the technical excellence of the Rizon 4: 
"Equipped with integrated force-torque sensors that measure with greater speed and precision than any human, the Rizon 4 reacts to surface changes instantaneously. This capability not only enables a superior level of finishing but also eliminates the need for specialized end-of-arm force sensing tooling during sanding tasks."
This project, aligning with the direction of industry 4.0+ and the growing trend towards more efficient production methods in the post-pandemic world, sets a new precedent for the manufacturing sector, showcasing the transformative effects of integrating adaptive robotics into traditional manufacturing processes.