Flexiv Robotics Helps Solve the Labor Shortage: The Adaptive Production Line Whitepaper Unveiled

SAN JOSE, CA, May 2nd, 2024 – Flexiv, a global leader in general-purpose robotics solutions, is excited to announce the release of its Adaptive Production Line (APL) whitepaper.
Set to redefine production paradigms by undertaking tasks that previously required skilled or semi-skilled manual labor, the APL provides operators with a 20% cost saving over semi-automated assembly lines while also enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and overall sustainability.
At the heart of the APL are its core principles of modularity and scalability, which significantly minimize investment risks for clients while enhancing production capacity. This enables swift and efficient redeployment, simplifying and streamlining the production of short or customized batches.
Powered by Flexiv’s range of Rizon adaptive robots, the APL is an end-to-end automated production solution that leverages artificial intelligence, industrial-grade force control, computer vision, and a simple yet powerful semi-automated programming interface.
Shiquan Wang, Flexiv’s CEO, states,

"The Adaptive Production Line represents a leap forward in manufacturing technology. Through adaptive robotics, we're offering a higher level of automation that significantly amplifies scalability and modularity. This not only mitigates investment risks but also optimizes the total cost of ownership for our clients."


From screw fastening and adhesive application to component insertion and quality inspection, the APL automates tasks that traditionally required skilled or semi-skilled manual labor. This full automation capability elevates production standards by removing the possibility of human error.
View of the APL Assembling Car ECUs
Should a production bottleneck occur on the APL, Rizon adaptive robots mounted on autonomous platforms can be automatically dispatched to swiftly address any disruptions. This provides operators with the ability to address production bottlenecks on-demand, while improving the production line's overall balance rate.
Linear APL Process with Mobile Rizon Adaptive Robots
In today’s challenging landscape of labor shortages and escalating costs, the APL offers a robust and reliable solution that enables the reassignment of personnel to roles that truly require a human touch. This leaves robots to complete the dirty, dangerous, or just plain repetitive tasks that often have a high staff turnover rate.
Designed with efficiency and flexibility in mind, the APL provides a solution that allows operators to make their production process more agile and cost-efficient than ever before. This efficiency is evident in reduced energy usage, lower workpiece error rates, increased levels of quality, and the ability to operate in an entirely ‘lights out’ state.
View of Production Supervisor Monitoring the APL
Find out how Flexiv can help you drive growth, increase sustainability, and revolutionize your production processes with the Adaptive Production Line by downloading the APL whitepaper here: