Flexiv Unveils Cutting-edge Robotics at ICRA 2024 to Help Address Japan's Labor Shortage

SAN JOSE, CA, May 10th, 2024 – Flexiv, a global leader in general-purpose robotics solutions, is excited to showcase its innovative adaptive technology at the 2024 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). 

Taking place from May 13th to 17th, at the PACIFICO Yokohama Exhibition Hall, the ICRA Expo provides a unique platform where researchers and innovators in the field of robotics can present their robotic systems and discuss their research.

On display at booth IC086, Flexiv will showcase its groundbreaking adaptive robotic technology through four live demonstrations, highlighting how adaptive automation can help address Japan's worker shortage by completing tasks that previously required skilled manual labor.

Flexiv's team of robot experts will answer questions and present the interactive demonstrations, the first of which being a dual-arm teleoperation system, which consists of primary and secondary Rizon 4 robotic arms that perform synchronized, real-time motions while providing operators with high-fidelity, real-time feedback.

Ideal for situations requiring a human touch, teleoperation is expected to be utilized in future healthcare scenarios like surgery and patient care, where context-specific human interpretation is necessary.

Also on display will be the Grav series grippers, Flexiv's revolutionary robotic grasping solution featuring real-time force feedback and a gecko-inspired super friction material. Capable of lifting almost any object weighing up to 5 kg, the Grav series is ideal for completing mixed SKU shipments due to its versatile handling capacity.

This ability to lift and manipulate objects is further enhanced by Flexiv's AnyGrasp system, which enables a Flexiv robot to pick up any item, even if it is previously unknown to the robot or surrounded by unfamiliar objects.

Being fully interactive, the demo will enable visitors to see and test how Flexiv's robots can handle randomly oriented compliant and non-compliant objects while being effortlessly managed via a user-friendly interface.

Last but not least, Flexiv will introduce robotic ball balancing, showcasing an adaptive robot’s high-precision force resolution and whole-body, high-speed force response rate. This unique capability highlights the possibility of completing tasks requiring absolute balance, like moving trays of drinks in crowded environments, performing precise insertion tasks, or operating on inherently unstable platforms like ships or oil rigs.

Xianyong Chen, Flexiv's Business Development Lead for East Asia, said:

“ICRA offers a strategic platform to reinforce Flexiv's dedication to expanding access to adaptive robotic technology. Our innovative solutions are poised to transform multiple industries due to their unmatched flexibility and adaptability. We are excited to deepen our presence in Japan and collaborate with visionary robotic pioneers to redefine the future of Japanese industry.”

Xianyong Chen, Flexiv's Business Development Lead for East Asia


Flexiv is focused on expanding its footprint in Japan by delivering innovative robotic solutions which can be tailored to address the country's unique labor challenges. By offering adaptable and efficient robotic systems customizable to the specific needs of the Japanese market, Flexiv is committed to empowering businesses and shaping a more efficient, technologically advanced industrial landscape.


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