Rizon 4 Performing in STEM Event The Electrified Show



In June 2023, at the Science Centre Singapore, the large-scale STEM performance "The Electrified Show" was organized. The adaptive robot Dawn Rizon 4 played a significant role as an "actor", collaborating with human performers to bring a story that transcends time and space to children and teenagers.

Case Introduction


Client: Science Centre Singapore

Organized by the Science Centre Singapore, "The Electrified Show" is the first large-scale STEM + special effects performance in Singapore's history. The show aims to allow children of all ages to travel through time, space, and dimensions amidst a spectacular display composed of lights, lasers, robots, drones, dance, flames, and magical effects, experiencing the allure of technology up close.

According to the script, Rizon Dawn portrays one of the "guardians" of cosmic energy and has some interesting interactions with the main character and supporting characters who accidentally enter this space. The adaptive robot's flexible characteristics make its movements appear very humanoid, providing the audience with a novel and enlightening experience.

Technical Features


1. With seven degrees of freedom, Dawn possesses advanced industrial-level force control, allowing it to move smoothly and dexterously, much like a human, and to intimately interact with people. When human performers push Dawn's joints or endpoints, this robot "actor" can continue to operate, vividly showcasing a "confrontational" storyline.


2. By using the graphical programming system Flexiv Elements, staff from the Science Centre Singapore can intuitively and concisely program and control the robot, leveraging the many functions and features of Rizon 4.

As an academic, researcher, and artist, Professor Stavros's work focuses primarily on technological futures with a particular emphasis on architectural augmentation, sensorial interfaces and technological frameworks as extensions of human environments.

He stated: ‘Collaborating with Flexiv was a great experience. Flexiv's engineers helped optimize various algorithms, allowing me to fully control the robot and make sure its movements were as natural as possible. In terms of design, size, and functionality, Rizon 10 is very suitable, and it can handle the complexity of this project.'