Senior Systems Engineer
Location:    Santa Clara, CA
Job Responsibilities
1.    Work with CTO to architect hardware and software frameworks for robotic systems.
2.    Design and integrate industrial fieldbuses on embedded systems for both individual robotic systems and machine to machine interfaces.
3.    Maintain software versions, upgrades and document solutions.
4.    Work concurrently with electrical, design and manufacturing engineers as systems are being developed and finalized 5. Manages schedules, meet and adhere to development goals.
1.    PhD or MS with equivalent experience, in robotics-related field.
2.    5+ years of practical and/or theoretical knowledge of at least two of the following concepts: a) Linear/nonlinear control theory, b) Kinematic and dynamic modeling and identification of robotic systems, c) Real-time embedded systems, d) Deep knowledge of electromechanical systems.
3.    3+ years of experience in software development in C/C++ for embedded systems.
4.    Strong understanding of HW/SW integration and functional safety requirements
5.    Capable of working independently and motivated to continually improve best practices.
Preferred Skills
1.    Experience with multi-threaded and multi-process architectures in real-time embedded systems.
2.    Experience with QNX and Linux real-time OS and its associated development tools.
3.    Experience in EtherCAT and Failsafe over EtherCAT (FsoE) protocols, as well as other related protocols.
4.    Knowledge of automation systems in industrial settings.
5.    Understanding of requirements in certification standards such as IEC 61508 and ISO 13849.