Reliability Engineer
Location:    Santa Clara, CA.
1. Working closely with product designers/system engineers to develop new reliability tests, procedures, and specifications.
2. Designing reliability testing fixtures, conduct experiments, and record and analyze data.
3. Analyzing experimental data to provide in-depth understanding of design features.
4. Preparing concise and detailed reliability test plans and reports with an emphasis on prioritizing tasks to meet challenging deadlines.
5. Researching state-of-the-art technology to understand root causes of test failures.
6. Providing design direction to multi-functional teams to improve product reliability.

1. Master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering, robotics, or related field.
2. 3+ years of experience in a related field or industry
3. Proficient in reliability testing and quality control.
4. Experience of designing testing experiments for mechatronic systems.
5. Strong hands-on experience in hand tools, power tools, assembling techniques, PCB soldering, and debugging circuits with oscilloscopes.
6. Basic knowledge of C/C++ programming for embedded systems and MATLAB/Python for data processing.
7. Excellent problem solving, analytical thinking, and communication skills.