Robotics System Engineer
Location:    Santa Clara, CA.
1. Works in the systems team to develop modelling, calibration and performance test suites for actuators and robotic manipulators.
2. Follow rigorous control methodology to analyze existing system and produce specifications to improve and optimize subsequent generations of robotic systems.
3. Work concurrently with design engineers and manufacturing engineers as designs are being developed and finalized.
4. Manages schedules, meet and adhere to development goals.
5. Provides planning and status information to project manager.

1. Must have 3+ years of practical and/or theoretical knowledge of at least two of the following concepts: a) Linear control theory, b) Control of multi degree of freedom robotic chains, c) Kinematic, and Dynamics of robotic manipulators, d) Real-time operating systems.
2. Must have 3+ years of experience in software development in C/C++.
3. Strong understanding of HW/SW integration.
4. Intellectually curious and passionate.
5. Adaptable to dynamic requirements and enjoy solving complex problems.
6. Motivated to continually improve best practices.
7. Excellent communication and documentation skills.
8. Master or PhD degree with equivalent work experience in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, or related field.

Preferred Skills
1. Experience with QNX.
2. Experience with multi-threaded and multi-process programming.
3. Experience developing test procedures and testing modules.
4. Experience in industrial robotics.