Robotics Controls Engineer
Location:    Santa Clara, CA / Shanghai, China
1. Provide critical analysis and characterization of robot servo control, kinematics, and dynamics.
2. Develop robotic algorithms and software to improve robot dynamic performance.
3. Facilitate mechanical and hardware development and integration of new prototypes and new products.
4. Improve group work-flow through tool building and teaching others.
5. Support and track system quality, safety, and performance as it moves from design to manufacturing.

1. Masters in EE or ME with experience in control aspects of mechatronic systems or PhD in control of mechatronic systems.
2. Possess strong MATLAB, C/C++ programming capabilities as well as hardware, software, and mechanism integration skills.
3. Understand and have experience implementing standard and modern servo control systems.
4. Knowledge of robotic manipulator kinematics, dynamics, and control.
5. Excel in a high-energy team.
6. Demonstrate excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
7. Work independently while simultaneously balancing collaboration on project planning and communication.