Flexiv Unveiled Adaptive Robots Fusing AI at CIIF 2019 to Lead the Industrial Transition
2019-10-14 16:12:53
From Sept. 17th -21st, the 21st China International Industry Fair of 2019 (CIIF 2019) was held in Shanghai, attracting more than 2,200 exhibitors from home and abroad. During this world-leading industrial event, Flexiv presented its adaptive robot, Rizon, which combines high-precision force control, computer vision and advanced AI technology along with its smart solutions for the first time in the China market, and got thousands of visits and interests.

Human-like adaptive robotic arms for more complex industrial automation
The adaptive robotic arm developed by Flexiv utilizes high-performance human-like force control abilities and advanced intelligence that can adapt to complex environments and achieve complex tasks requiring hand-eye coordination. At the CIIF 2019, Flexiv presented fully open demos, using their adaptive robotic arm to demonstrate high-performance force control, interference rejection, complex surface polishing, plugging with wire harness, woodware processing, hard disk plugging, robot massage, etc. The wide variety of application demonstrations attracted the attention of many potential customers, partners, and industry parties for its full openness, entertainment and interaction.

During CIIF 2019, Flexiv won the CIIF Robotics Award. The top ten prize winners were selected from more than 300 robotics products showing up at CIIF.
Previously, Flexiv released a white paper titled “Adaptive Robots and the Future of Industrial Automation”, describing the three traits of adaptive robots: high tolerance of position variance, great disturbance rejection, and transferrable intelligence across different tasks. In real life applications, Flexiv focuses on three major application scenarios: plugging connectors with wire harness, precision component assembling, and soft-material surface processing. In the past, these tasks rely heavily on manual work, challenging product consistency and production line management.
By building a new generation adaptive robot and providing one-stop solutions that can handle these scenarios, Flexiv can effectively help improve the level of automation. At present, Flexiv has completed EAP programs’ acceptance of adaptive robot solutions with leading players in the automotive and 3C manufacturing industries and will launch large-scale robot application projects in the near future.
Deep integration of robots and AI is leading the industry
At the China Robot Summit held during CIIF 2019, Prof. Cewu Lu, Flexiv's co-founder and chief AI scientist, gave a keynote speech of "Next-generation Adaptive Robot Technology That Is Deeply Integrated with AI". He commented that the new generation of robots should have human-like dexterity and the kind of artificial intelligence that can truly work.

Prof. Lu stated the goal of Flexiv is to create a general-purpose intelligent agent that uses technology to bring change to the manufacturing and service industries. To bring this intelligent robot to life, we require several systems: vision system, hand-eye coordination system, knowledge engine, and simulation learning system. Through visual perception and knowledge engine, robots can imitate human behavior in operational details. Regarding human behavioral understanding, the Flexiv team has published more than ten papers in top-tier publications. With the establishment of a considerable human body knowledge engine, through the knowledge engine’s inference, Flexiv’s technology can reduce the original human teaching costs by two thousand times. Flexiv starts with industrial applications, which are relatively stable, whereby robot artificial intelligence and robotic capabilities can be trained properly before being brought to other industries.
Strengthen business cooperation, deepen industry application, and bring new value to automation
At CIIF 2019, Flexiv received attention and cooperation intentions from all parties in the industry. In terms of market development, Flexiv will focus on industry applications and provide comprehensive value to partners and end users. "Flexiv as a solution provider will create a comprehensive, demand-oriented, intelligent solution for partners and customers in the industry, continuously expanding the boundaries of robotic automation and output intelligence and versatile value for various industries," asserted Shiquan Wang, Flexiv founder and CEO.

According to the report by the Japanese research company Fuji Economic, in 2025 the global market for industrial robots used by factories will expand to 2.5 times of that in 2018, reaching about 21 billion dollars. With regard to the type of robots, the more intelligent robots able to adapt to different operating environments will have the most significant demand growth.
On the other hand, in recent years the increases in labor costs and the aging of China's social population structure have become more obvious. Furthermore, the demand for flexible production in enterprises is increasing, and the use of intelligent adaptive robots will become an effective means to enhance productivity. When confronted with the fast-growing industrial robot market, the technical bottlenecks of traditional industrial robots also need to be solved. The adaptive robot technology with deep integration of AI will bring new changes to the industry.
About China International Industry Fair
The 21st China International Industry Fair was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 17th to 21st, 2019. There were 9 major professional exhibitions with an exhibition area of more than 280,000 square meters. More than 2,600 exhibitors participated in the exhibition where more than 50 exciting events were held. One of these events, the Fair of Robotics, has always been hailed as “the vane of the development of China's robot industry”. The theme of this year's Robot Show was “Collaboration, Interconnection, and Smart Future”. During the five-day exhibition, major manufacturers displayed numerous products and applications in hot trends such as human-machine collaboration, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, etc., and all types of cutting-edge new technologies, new achievements, new applications and new products on the spot.
About Flexiv

Flexiv Ltd. is a global leading robotics and AI company, focusing on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots which integrate force control, computer vision and AI technologies. Flexiv provides innovative turnkey solutions and services based on Flexiv robotic systems to customers in multiple industries. Flexiv was founded in 2016 with a core team from robotics and AI laboratories at Stanford University. Today, Flexiv has established offices in Santa Clara, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and Foshan.