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Intelligent and Flexible Robotic Systems

About Flexiv


Flexiv Robotics, Ltd. is a start-up company founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley by a group of PhDs/postdocs from Stanford University. We have expertise in the fields of computer vision, deep learning, design of robotic systems and advanced controls.


At Flexiv Robotics, we believe that the creation of highly intelligent systems lie in the seamless fusion of robotics and artificial intelligence. Taking an integrative approach, Flexiv Robotics is dedicated to developing systems capable of: 1) ad­ap­ting to com­plex and un­st­ruc­tu­red en­vi­ron­ments; 2) ac­com­pli­shing a wide range of com­pli­ca­ted tasks; 3) safely collaborating with human beings.


Flexiv Robotics is backed by top tier VCs. Closed in 2017, Flexiv Robotics' series-A funding (near 10 million USD) was lead by GSR Ventures and Banyan Capital, and followed by ZhenFund, M-Fund and Shunwei Capital.

The ultimate fusion of vision and force sensing

Core Technology

Strong technology barriers fueled by bottom-up innovation

Flexiv Robotics has developed proprietary force sensing technology that outperforms all existing solutions by a large margin in precision, sensitivity, and reliability. With this new technology, our robotic system achieves high-precision and wide-bandwidth force control, which is essential for performing complicated tasks far beyond the capability of current industrial robots.

The most reliable force sensing technology

Flexiv Robotics has developed state-of-the-art control and motion planning algorithms, built with AI and force sensing, to achieve compliant control and hybrid position/force control of our robotic system. Users can teach robots with simple instructions to automate complicated tasks in complex environment, which opens up broad opportunities for robotic applications.

The most advanced control and motion planning algorithms

Flexiv Robotics is integrating the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms into our robotic system through dedicated engineering and interdisciplinary research. It is the cornerstone to a smarter and user-friendly robotic system, being competent in sophisticated tasks and bringing robotic solutions to a wide range of industrial environments and daily life.

The most cutting-edge artificial intelligence integration

Leading the innovation of intelligent and flexible robotic system

The Team

Flexiv Robotics currently has offices located in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Shenzhen. A diverse team of about 30 employees (and rapidly growing) with professions in engineering, business, marketing, and etc. has been formed. Most of the Flexivers have: 1) Strong education background: graduated from top universities around the world including Stanford University, Nanyang Technological University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and etc. 2) Outstanding academic achievements: near one hundred publications on top journals and conferences including IJRR, TRO, Science Robotics, CVPR, ICCV, and etc. 3) Extensive industry experiences: worked at industry renowned companies including Apple, Fanuc, McKinsey, and etc.

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